Established in 1997, Xiangyang Huatong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a Hi-Tech enterprise specia-lizes in electroplating, electroforming, as well as manufacturing, researching and developing of chemicals and metal anode materials for surface treatment application. Located in Xiangyang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, our company registered capital is 5 million yuan. And we are the member of Drafting Committee of some State Standards for Plating Chemicals (Industry). Our products and technologies are widely used in China’s large casting mold factories, electronic factories and many electroplating factories. 


电话:0710—3278706 手机:13807277312(赵成显) / 13871656889(赵博) 传真:0710—3277026 E-MAIL:xfhtgs@yeah.net 地址:湖北省襄阳市高新区团山大道138号

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